Terms of Use and Security

www.cretoikos.com is an e-shop which exhibits and offers products online. It is part of the company “Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership” with headquarters in Angeliana Rethymno, Crete, Greece (tax number 099704169, tax office Rethymno). Before you enter the e-shop and surf in our site, we ask you to read first the terms and preconditions below, which will be applied if you use the e-shop of the “Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership” company, and which can be found under the address www.cretoikos.com

Make sure that you agree with the following terms and preconditions, because a transaction with us on this website is ruled by these terms and all transactions with us presuppose the acceptance of these terms.

Request your personal data stored on our website/server.


The company Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership has the right to change unilateral or to replace the terms and the preconditions of the transactions which are performed in this e-shop. Our company is obliged to inform the users on the website of this e-shop about alterations and changes in general. We would like to make clear, that the alteration of terms does not affect orders which have been already completed.



The company Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership guarantees the completeness and validity of the information at the website www.cretoikos.com, including the existence of the essential attributes of the described products and the correctness of the data which concern the provided services of the company’s e-shop, under reserve of technical or literal errors, which may have been overlooked or have occurred unintentionally or due to an interruption of the internet connection caused by force majeure.



The company Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership promises to inform the final customers in time about potential unavailability of products. The company’s e-shop is not liable for technical problems which may occur if the users try to get access to the internet or during their connection, and those problems are associated to the compatibility of their connection with the webpage. Also, Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership is not liable for actions or omissions of third parties and especially unauthorized interventions of third parties to the company’s products, services and provided information.



The webpage www.cretoikos.com is the official site of the company Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership. The entire content of the webpages put in the net by the company, including pictures, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, provided services and products, is copyright of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership and is protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek law, the European law and the international contracts. Names, pictures, logotypes and distinctive marks which represent Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership and/or the e-shop and/or third parties connected with the company and its products and services, are exclusive signs and distinctive marks of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership and/or www.cretoikos.com and/or the above-mentioned third parties and are protected by the Greek law, the law of the European Union and the international commercial and industrial codes concerning the copyright and unfair competition.

In any case, their appearance and display at the webpage  www.cretoikos.com can not be deemed as assignment or transfer of permission or as right of use.



The users of the webpages www.cretoikos.com accept, that they cannot use the pages and the e-shop of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership for forwarding, notification, forwarding with e-mail or transmission by other means any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, disturbing, slandering, defaming, vulgar, obscene, or constitute breach against the privacy of another person, expresses empathy or racial, national or other kind of discrimination, or may cause by any means damage to minors, is not allowed to be published according to the law or the conventional or management rules (such as internal information, information about fortune and confidential information which has been obtained or revealed as a part of employment  relation or information covered by confidential agreements), or breach any invention, commercial sign, commercial secret, copyright or other property rights of third parties, contains software viruses or other codes, files or programs which have been created to stop, to harm to destroy or to spoil any software or computer part, that violate intentional or unintentional the valid Greek and European laws and their provisions, that may by any means harass third persons and any content that is used to collect or save personal data of the users.



Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership is aware of the importance of the security of your personal data and electronic transactions and has adopted all modern and advanced methods to guarantee your optimal security. Any information concerning your personal data and transactions are safe and confidential. The security of the e-shop of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership is achieved by the following methods:


Identification of customer

The codes used for the identification of the customer are two: The entrance code (e-mail or username) and the personal security code (password), which allow you at any time to access your personal data with entire safety. You have the possibility to change your personal security code (password), and your e-mail address, as often as you desire. The only person who has access to your data is you, by means of your above-mentioned codes, and you are responsible for the non-disclosure and concealment from third parties. In case of lost or leakage of the codes you must contact us immediately; otherwise the e-shop Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership is not liable if the security code is used by an unauthorized person. We recommend to change your password regularly for reasons of safety and not to use the same and easy codes (such as date of birth). We also recommend not to use only numbers and letters for the creation of your password, but symbols as well.

Automatic log out

If you don’t take any action for 20 minutes you are automatically disconnected from the customer domain of the e-shop Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership.

Controlled access (firewall)

The access to the systems of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership (servers) is controlled by a firewall, which allows the use of certain services by the customers/users, and at the same time it does not allow, the access to data bases with confidential particulars and information of the company.

Confidential transmissions

The observance of confidentiality is self-evident. The same principles which rule classic transactions are also valid for e-commerce. Any information transmitted by a user/member of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership is confidential, and the Company has adopted all necessary preventions in order that they are used only thus far, as it is considered essential within the frame of the provided services. Some of the adopted preventions are the following:

  • Only commissioned employees have access to the transaction information and only if it is deemed necessary, as for instance in order to forward your orders.
  • Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership will not disclose the data of the clients and their transactions, unless we have your permission in written or if it is demanded by a court decision or a decision of another authority.
  • In case Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership will use a third party for the support of their systems, we guarantee the compliance of the confidentiality.
  • Under reserve of the provisions of chapter 7, which deals with the personal data, you can ask for any stored information and you can demand their correction if you can prove that it is wrong.
  • For your own security you too must handle all information which is given through our services as private and confidential and you must not disclose them to third parties.



If you visit the domain www.cretoikos.com, possibly you will be asked to indicate your personal data (name, surname, occupation, e-mail, address for the delivery of the products etc.), generally in order to manage your order or to provide our services. The personal data you will indicate anywhere in our domain for the services of the webpage www.cretoikos.com are stored exclusively for reasons which concern the transactions with you, the improvement of the provided services and the settlement of those services; it is not allowed that they are used by any third party (excepted are the relevant authorities, in cases which are foreseen by the law).

The employees of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership who have access to your personal data are specific, and the access to your data by persons without commission, is not allowed. We have applied any reasonable prevention in order to protect your personal data. In extremely rare cases your personal data may be forwarded to cooperators of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership in order to support, to forward and to execute the transactions with you, but always upon condition that your personal data will not be processed illegally.

For any other query, suggestion or declaration in this context, please contact us using the special contact form, which you will find under the link https://www.cretoikos.com/contact-us/.

The user has at any time the right to ask for information or to deny the further processing of his/her personal data, according to the valid laws regarding the protection of the personal data.



Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership undertakes every possible effort to provide services at a high level. But this effort cannot exclude mistakes in prices and secondary details of products; and it cannot be excluded that interruptions in the operation of the internet or human failure may arise by entering/ renewing the prices of a product. For your own protection and the efficiency of your purchases, we ask you to call us under the telephone number 2834023594 or to contact us by means of the e-mail form provided at our webpage, if you ascertain that a product is offered at an unusual low or high price proportional to its market value, before you continue your order.

Furthermore, before you start purchasing at our e-shop, we recommend you to visit first the section “help and terms of use”, where you will find helpful information regarding the procedure of buying products.

After the registration of your order you will receive an automatic reply in which the details of your order are listed. After the processing of your order by the department for electronic purchase of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership you will receive a second confirming e-mail with a list of the products which will be send to you. From this moment the contract between us is concluded.

During the processing of your order you will receive a range of automatic replies, which will state the progress of your order. Those messages concern the following steps:

Processing of your order: If your order has been received by an employee of our company, who will check it regarding the correctness and forward it to the store in order to compile the products.

Billing: The items of your order are compiled for the purpose of dispatching them to your address.

Partly billing: Some of the items of your order couldn’t be assembled and are pending. You will receive the items which are mentioned in the e-mail.

Cancellation: Your order has been cancelled after your request or because we couldn’t get in contact with you to confirm the order.

In case some items of your order should not be available, you will receive a corresponding e-mail or/and an SMS. Alternative we will contact you by phone under the number you indicated during the registration process or at the time of your order.

There is no way to disable these messages; their dispatch is precondition for the correct execution of the order. We ask you to make sure that you will receive these e-mails and that you have access to them as long as the transaction lasts. In case you don’t receive those e-mails, according to the general terms of business which govern our transactions, you are obliged to inform us without delay. The products will be delivered to you as soon as possible and the time of delivery will not exceed thirty days from the completion of the contract.



In case of distance purchases (e.g. online purchases), you have the right to return a product and we will return you the money, provided that you inform us by means of the contact form (https://www.cretoikos.com/contact-us/, by phone under the numbers 2834023594 or 6948401441, or by fax (2834023574), within ten calendar days from receive of the product by you or a third party you have named. In case you order a row of products, the deadline starts from the moment you receive the last item of the order or from the completion of the last delivery in case of standing deliveries. If you exert your right of cancellation, you are obliged to return us the product in its original perfect condition (as new) in which you received it; or you must send us explicit undeniable prove that you have returned it to us within 10 calendar days with safety and we will be obligated to return you the money you have paid us, the same way of payment you had chosen, when you paid us the purchase price. In case you paid by pay card, we will inform the issuer of the card immediately and we will not be reliable for potential delays of repayment to you outside of our responsibility.

The consumer is reliable for potential decrease in value of the products only as a result of treatment which is not appropriate to maintain the nature, the characteristics and the function of the product. We are not responsible and will not reimburse the consumer, if the damage on the product has been caused through the fault of the consumer or in case of use which exceeds the level which is necessary to maintain the nature, the characteristics and the function of the product. In such case the cancellation will be without any result.

In any case, the products you want to return must be accompanied by the appropriate legal documents and the confirmation of receipt. If the expenses for the shipment of the product return exceed the normal cost of a mail service, they will be not covered by Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership and will burden the customer.

You have no right of cancellation in the cases of article 3ιβ law 2251/94, or in other cases foreseen by law or these terms of use.



Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership guarantees you for any product offered in the e-shop the correctness of the expiry date and the product characteristics, to assure that the order will be executed properly. At the time of delivery of the products through the carrier, please check if you have received the right items and the correct quantity in excellent condition. In case you will detect a mistake at delivery, please note it on the voucher of the carrier or phone us under the number 2834023594 or send us an e-mail. Products which have been damaged during the transport by the carrier used by us, will be substituted or be credited to the account you name or be deducted from your next order.

Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership is liable for all obligations the civil law has provided for the purchaser. The above-mentioned obligations are not in force, if the fault has been caused by you or due to force majeure in a narrower or broader sense. In any case, in order to avoid delays, the products must be accompanied by the necessary legal documents and the proof of receipt.



Without limitation of the terms set in article 9, an order can be cancelled under the following circumstances:

  • Before the completion of the order, during the electronic order procedure you can go “back” and cancel the amount of the ordered products from the basket by pushing the “remove” bottom.
  • If the electronic order has completed, but has not been sent yet, you can call 2834023594 and ask one of our employees to cancel the order.
  • After the receipt of the product you can call 2834023594 or contact us by means of the e-mail form provided at our webpage and explain us why you want to cancel the order. One of our employees will help you immediately and inform you about all choices you have.
  • In case your order already has been invoiced and you want to cancel it, please call 2834023594 and indicate the details of your order. But in this case the status of your order will not change on your account page.



a) Deposit / remittance on a bank account

EUROBANK account no.: 0026.0331.42.0200418817

IBAN: GR20 0260 3310 0004 2020 0418 817

Please send us the receipt of payment of your bank by fax to the number 2834023574 or to the e-mail address account@mylopotamos-health-foods.gr, by mentioning the number of the order for easy detection. As soon as we receive a copy of the payment receipt, we will start the shipping of your order.

b) Payment via debit or credit card secured by Viva Wallet/ PayPal

The e-shop of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership accepts all credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners. Your transactions in our e-shop are secured by advanced online security systems, which guarantee a save transaction.

If you choose as method of payment Viva Wallet/ PayPal you will be transmitted immediately to the corresponding page in order to complete the transaction and the payment of the order. Viva Wallet/ PayPal is a safe and reliable mediator for online transactions. If you do not have a Viva Wallet/ PayPal account, you can sign in and use your debit or credit card or your bank account.

The transactions realized by means of Viva Wallet/ PayPal concern only the delivery on the premises of the client and do not combine other methods of payment. For questions and information concerning the payment you can visit the webpage of Viva Wallet/ PayPal. The transactions which are realized with the support of Viva Wallet/ PayPal are governed by the provisions and conditions of the service provider.



Completion of order:

As soon as you finish your order, the following message will appear (example): “YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN COMPLETED. THANK YOU.” Your order number is (e.g.) 121. Please check your e-mails. We have sent you a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order.

Date and time of delivery:

Delivery outside Greece (Countries of the EE und the rest of the world)

The deliveries of the products are realized by TNT Courier Service (express or economy).

TNT is a fast courier company which is available for certain weights of order up to 30 kilos (you can check the cost under “estimated carriage cost and taxes” in your shopping basket). The minimum weight of order is 5 kilos. Under normal circumstances the TNT service delivers within 2-5 days. Furthermore the shipments with TNT are secured with an amount of 10 Euros per kilo, if you choose TNT economy and with 20 Euros per kilo, if you choose TNT express, in case the parcel gets lost or destroyed. The days of delivery of our courier cooperator (TNT in this case) are from Monday to Friday.

If you prefer a courier service of your choice, with which we (Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership) do not cooperate, the carriage cost is at the expense of the client.



Your order can be delayed for the following reasons:

  • The product is not available. In this case you will be contacted by our company by phone or e-mail in order to find a solution.
  • In case of extreme weather circumstances or strikes as well as in cases of force majeure, that could affect the shipment and delivery of your order.
  • In case the contact with you by phone or/ and e-mail is not possible (if a problem with your order arises, either with the product or with the payment), because the data you indicated are not valid. However the delay will not exceed 30 days from the day of the completion of the contract.



  • Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership sends on a regular basis newsletters.
  • Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership is not responsible if the newsletters will not reach their destination. In any case, we will do everything possible with the internet service providers for the realisation of the delivery.
  • The newsletters could be sent to the spam folder. We ask you kindly to check regularly to make sure that they are not put in this folder.
  • In case you don’t want any longer to receive the newsletters, or if you want to be removed totally from the news-system of Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership, you can inform us using the contact form of our webpage.
  • Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership will send the updates only if you choose to receive them and as long as you want to. In case you have placed an order using our site, we will send you automated e-mails concerning the progression of your order. There is no way to disable these messages; their dispatch is precondition for the correct execution of the order. We ask you to make sure that you will receive these e-mails and that you have access to them as long as the transaction lasts.

In case you don’t receive those e-mails, according to the general terms of business which govern our transactions, you are obliged to inform us without delay.

(The above listed prices include VAT 13% and 24%)