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Corporate Business Gifts - EVOO Olive Oil

Corporate Business Gifts

Corporative Gifts, Custom Business Gifts

Choose our healthy, unique EVOO Olive Oil from Crete Greece (PDO Olive Oils) for your Business Gifts ideas for clients, business partners, or employees gifts.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are a great idea also for Celebrations gifts, Events gifts, Christmas gifts.

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Worldwide Shipping – we ship your order in all countries, worldwide!

(package online tracking available)

We cooperate with TNT Express International courier shipping services in order to provide fast shipping and reliable delivery of your orders with online tracking – for you to track & trace online in real time your olive oil orders

KOSHER FOOD certification for our Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO)

CRETOIKOS Olive Oils conform to the Jewish dietary regulations of kashrut (dietary law) – consume our Extra Virgin olive oils (EVOO) with peace of mind, is KOSHER FOOD

Kosher Food certification for our Olive Oil

FDA – USA Food and Drugs Administration – Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Our Extra Virgin olive oil (EVOO) is certified by FDA and can be safely imported and consumed in United States

USA - FDA - Food and Drug Administration - Greek EVOO

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