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Visit our Olive grove and take the Olive Oil Tasting grand tour

When distances are minimized, then people come together! There is nothing more beautiful for us, than to welcome you to our homeland, to our home, to the home of Cretoikos!

In Mylopotamos, Rethymno Crete, our love for the “liquid gold” (olive oil), is tangible.

In one of your future trips, we would be happy to welcome you to our standardisation and olive oil production factory in order to taste together traditional flavours “dipped” in olive oil and love, and to share our secrets and knowledge with you!


Mylopotamos... the place where Cretoikos was “born”!

The Municipality of Mylopotamos is a municipality of the Prefecture of Rethymno, of the Region of Crete. The seat of the Municipality is in Perama. It took its name after the river Mylopotamos, which flows through the Municipality. Many watermills functioned with the flow of that river. The highest mountain of Crete, Psiloritis, is located on the southeast side of the Municipality. The main activities of the residents are the production of extra virgin olive oil, growing vineyards and stock farming.

Cretoikos, the extra virgin olive oil produced from the Koroneiki variety which abounds in this region, was “born” here. Mylopotamos is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) region.

Our great experience and love for the olive tree and its precious fruit became the reason to establish the company “Zacharakis Konstantinos & CO General Partnership” here, in order to realize our dream and share our products with you.

Our criteria are the respect and esteem we have for the visitor and their needs.

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