Mylopotamos pdo ogranic Extra Virgin Olive Oil canister 500 ml

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Mylopotamos organic olive oil is a green-gold rich in taste and perfume olive oil. It releases a green olive oil aroma and playing with a well balanced bitter and with just a hint of peppery in the finish.



Organic olive oil certificationsOlive Oil GDA

Organic olive oil is olive oil derived from organic olives. In accordance with the principles of organic farming, there are specific rules and practices that make fertilization, disease control, tree arrangement in the olive grove, pruning. The use of chemical or other inorganic fertilizers, aerial spraying, the use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides is prohibited. Official control and standardization bodies carry out controls at all stages of production, conservation and bottling in order to certify and issue the certificate of organic origin to the olive growers.

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